Rue du domaine : Domain Name Purchase strong opportunity

Rue du domaine, site crée par la société LWS, est un service d’achat de noms de domaine vous permettant de saisir les meilleurs opportunités de noms de domaine libres ayant un fort potentiel !

How does it work?

The service Rue du domaine created by domain name registrar LWS (Ligne Web service) offers a list of domain names for sale.

The selection of these domain names is done on the basis of keywords or terms with potentially high added value, as they are highly sought in the search engines. The popularity and the added value of a keyword is calculated relative to the number of requests it made on the major search engines multiplied by the cost per click. The cost per click, it is calculated in relation to competition keyword, eg the phrase "paris hotel" has a maximum cost per click of several euro.

The list that we propose will automatically search the availability of domain names with keywords and popular key terms we estimate the value of each opportunity. To attract maximum traffic the domain name should be easy to remember such as "" You can use your domain name with high added value to perform a redirect your visitors to your main site if you have a complicated domain name to remember and also a redirection of your mails. Your domain name will therefore be very opportunistic because you can enjoy optimal ranking on search engines.

By buying your domain name via the domain registrar LWS you can easily do a redirect of your website, give a parked page and enjoy personalized email addresses allowing you to monetize without wasting time your domain name. Several options are available to you with car page: With its ultra-simple interface you can create your page to your image by integrating text, images, media, modules etc. Your car page gives you a natural increase in traffic that could potentially monetize with ads

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